360 Everyday Water Filter – Mizu Bottles



WHY: For those more adventurous trips where trusted fresh water is not available, this is a great alternative to bottled water and better for the planet. Use everyday to freshen up your tap water on the go and banish those plastic bottles forever.

Say goodbye to harmful contaminants commonly found in tap water, with a filtration system that blows the competition out of the water (see what we did there)! The Mizu 360 has a forty gallon lifespan and removes up to 99.9% of bacteria. For use on wide-mouth Mizu bottles with the straw lid.


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    Cylinder Filter Cage

    Height: 73 mm / 2.88 in

    Diameter: 32 mm / 1.25 in

    Weight: 0.8 oz / 23 gm

    Compatible with: 360 Straw Lid for all Wide Mouth Mizu bottles

    The 360 Everyday Water Filter vs. the 360 Adventure Water Purifier: the 360 Everyday Water Filter has a higher flow rate, 12 pleat nanotechnology filters, and is geared for everyday use with tap water or a similar reliable water source.  The 360 Adventure Water Purifier has a 24 pleat nanotechnology filter, a slower flow rate, and is prepared to purify water from fresh water sources you encounter while hiking, backpacking, or kayaking on your next adventure.