360 Straw Lid with 2 Straws – Mizu Bottles



WHY: It is stated that 50 billion water bottles are used annually in the US, and only 23% are recycled. That’s a huge amount of plastic sitting around. Make the simple switch to a reusable water bottle & reduce your plastic footprint.

The unique 360 Straw Lid is another option from Mizu to turn your Mizu bottle into a straw sipper. This lid fits with M9, V7, V12 and V20 Mizu bottles. This straw system also works with the Mizu Everyday Filter & Adventure Purifier (sold separately). It’s time to pimp up your stainless steel bottles people!

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    Comes with 2 straws that can be cut to fit your bottle height.

    Works with our V7 bottles as a great accessory. The Everyday water filters and the Adventurer water filters fit with this lid to convert your bottle for the outdoors.

    Note: Straw Lid pressure can build up due to altitude change, when left in heat, and cabin pressure on an airplane. Make sure to simply remove Straw and Adaptor before encountering one of these situations, or quickly unscrew the lid to relieve the pressure before flipping the spout open. 



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