Biodegradable Laundry Stain Stick 1-2oz


WHY: No fillers, no giant plastic containers, just solid, natural handmade laundry soap and effective stain remover. De-stain your clothes don’t stain the planet.

This handmade, old-fashioned hand cut solid soap is perfect for pre-treating stains, grimy spots, and other laundry mishaps before your regular laundering. It has powerful cleaning agents mixed right into the soap at trace. No mystery ingredients or unnecessary water or fillers in this product, so you can use it with confidence. It makes a great eco-friendly dish-detergent and is perfect for doing laundry when camping and living outdoors.

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    • vegetable oils
    • sodium hydroxide,
    • borax,
    • baking soda,
    • sugar and salt,
    • orange essential oil,
    • thyme essential oil

    This bar will last quite a while, as only a tiny amount is used in each application. Just dampen the stain and the corner of the bar, and give it a good scrub. Then put it in with the normal wash. This bar is not full of chemical enzymes and phosphate-based detergents like the commercial stuff, but works really well and has been well-tested against regular family stains.

    This product can also be used as a gentle hand-washing laundry detergent or as an alternative dish detergent. Rub onto your dish cloth and wash your dishes naturally! Great for daily use or when road tripping.