Go Move Yoga Mat Carrier – Black 2 Tone



WHY…We love to find everyday products made of recycled materials like this yoga strap made with 50% recycled polyester.

Designed to fit mats of most sizes, the Commuter mat carrier is an eco-friendly alternative that keeps your yoga mat easily accessible and at your side for all occasions. Perfect for carrying your mat to the beach at sunrise! Carry your yoga mat hands free with ease and control.

Note: does not include the mat.

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    • 68″ x 1.5″
    • Fits most mats – except PRO Travel, eKO Superlite mat.
    • Made from 100% polyester with 50% recycled materials.
    • Hands-free yoga mat carrier.
    • Gravity cinch closure is easy and noise free! No Velcro, snaps, or buckles to disrupt your practice – or anybody else’s. Simply loop it around each end of your mat and let gravity do its work.