Herbal Roll-On Aromatherapy for Anxiety

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WHY: From your lipstick and blush to your applicators and rollers, plastic production from the cosmetic industry comes at a high cost – an estimated 76 billion units a year. Choose alternatives like this glass roller to help make a difference.

Regulate your stress level naturally with this glass roll-on aromatherapy solution. Roll onto your pulse points anytime that tension hits! We love this product for travel as we all know the stresses of modern day life on the move! Keep it with you and whip out when required.

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    • coconut oil,
    • chamomile essential oil,
    • black pepper essential oil,
    • rosemary essential oil,
    • marjoram essential oil,
    • lavender essential oil,
    • peppermint essential oil,
    • neroli essential oil

    Adults and older children may use this therapeutic oil combined with a breathing exercise as often needed.

    By purchasing these products, you agree that you have not been given medical advice, prescriptions, or any kind of therapeutic recommendations. This is a natural, non-medical formulation.