Homeopathic Jet Lag Prevention – 16 ct

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WHY: Kick the chemicals and try natural solutions for jet lag symptoms like fatigue, broken sleep patterns, dehydration, lack of concentration, disorientation, discomfort in legs and feet, and more.

For more adventure, less jet lag. No-Jet-Lag is the natural, traveler-tested way to help alleviate body stress and fatigue due to disruptions in your natural clock rhythm. This unique homeopathic remedy helps to lessen the effects of jet lag without the side effects of other meds that leave you groggy.

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    No-Jet-Lag is raved about by satisfied travelers globally, including business executives, sports teams, tour operators, and flight crews. It is safe, easy to take, and proven effective in tests.

    This is a safe and effective remedy for countering jet lag, in the form of easy-to-take tablets. Its effectiveness has been proved in a scientific trial of round-the-world passengers and confirmed by longhaul flight attendants in a test conducted in cooperation with their union. Being a homeopathic preparation using extremely low dosages, No-Jet-Lag has no side effects and is compatible with other medications. It has no connection with the controversial hormone melatonin.


    • Tested rigorously with flight attendants, tablets were shown to alleviate jet lag symptoms in 75% of respondents
    • Chew one tablet each time your plane takes off and lands to counter the effects of pressure changes, plus one tablet every two hours while flying
    • Contains 16 tablets
    • Ingredients: Arnica montana (leopard’s bane)-30C, bellis perennis (daisy)-30C, chamomilla (wild chamomile)-30C, lpecacuanha (lpecac)-30C and lycopodium (clubmoss)-30C.