Mini Unscented Plant-Based Laundry Pods – 50pk



WHY: Traditional liquid laundry detergents are usually packaged in high density polyethylene. 68% of these bottles are not recycled and contribute to the approximately 275 million metric tons of plastic waste that goes into our oceans and waterways annually.

Dropps offer effective, plant-based cleaning products by eliminating excess water, additives, artificial colors, and animal testing. They’re delivered in eco-responsible compostable packaging. Good for you, good for the environment. These mini Dropps are perfect for small loads and hand-washing. Gentle on your skin and your clothes, Dropps unscented natural laundry detergent pods are the safer, powerful alternative. No scents, no dyes, no enzymes and no chlorine means no worries for your sensitive skin and no compromises when it comes to clean clothes.

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    Half dose pods of their bestselling laundry detergent formulas. Perfectly dosed for:

    • Handwashing fine fabrics, swimwear & intimates.
    • Small, frequent wash loads (think baby clothes and stinky, sweaty gym clothes.)
    • Laundry on the go! TSA flight friendly for travel, vacation rentals, and handwashing in hotel or campground sinks.
    • Soft water systems require 50% less detergent. Dropps Small Loads are perfectly dosed for soft water.

    These pod membranes are a biodegradable, water soluble film made of polyvinyl alcohol. When the film dissolves in your washer and enters the water stream in microparticles, micro-organisms that commonly exist in nature break down the PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) to water and carbon dioxide.

    As many as 55 species of micro-organisms (including bacteria, yeasts and fungi) that are naturally present in water and soils are capable of breaking down PVA. Research has shown that in river water, PVAs take no more than 1 month to break down into their component parts.