Organic Bengal Cotton Diti Scarf – Black & White


WHY: Choose to purchase from thoughtful businesses that partner with small co-op suppliers and are creating jobs for impoverished communities.

Made of ultra-light organic Bengalcotton, this delicate scarf is accented with hand-stitched motifs that create a stunning floating effect. The fair trade commitment from Bloom & Give means this scarf has been beautifully made using traditional processes by skilled artisans in India.

    Textiles have been handmade In India for thousands of years. Artists here have been transforming natural cotton, silk and wool into things of beauty using highly intricate techniques of dyeing, weaving & embroidery. The creative inspiration at Bloom  & Give comes from discovering these heirloom traditions and carefully reinterpreting them to make contemporary products for everyday life.


    For over 2,000 years, along the banks of the mighty Ganges, weavers in Bengal have been perfecting a textile art-form like no other. Fine cotton fibers are painstakingly drawn and spun into a slender muslin yarn, which is then dyed, washed and dried along the riverbanks. Hundreds of little motifs are then individually hand-stitched using the Jamdani technique while the yarn is being loomed. Bengal muslin is the softest sheer cotton we’ve laid hands on and is a perfect foil for many applications.

    Each Bengal muslin scarf is shipped in a hand-loomed reusable cotton bag with a card that describes how your purchase helps change girls’ lives.

    100% organic cotton
    70 x 27 in.

    “We travel the length and breadth of India to discover awe-inspiring traditions of textile artistry. These artforms have been perfected over thousands of years! We are convinced that not only are these traditions worth preserving, but that they are still highly relevant today.”