Upcycled Cleaning Kit

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WHY: It’s a dirty truth – less than 10% of plastics are getting recycled, yet we’re producing them faster than ever. Let’s look to brands doing better.

Help clean up our plastic problem while you clean your home (or car, or campsite – you name it!). These durable, long-lasting cleaning products are made with recycled materials by responsible, certified B-Corporations. We’ve bundled them here so stocking up for your green clean is just a few choice clicks away!

Recycled Microfiber Essential Cloths, Set of 5

One for each task: bath + tile (with scrubbing stripes!), dusting, glass, grease (oven cleaning and stovetops), and stainless steel. Hang loops and labels for easy storage. Made from certified recycled plastics.

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Lean & Mean Scrub Brush

Recycled plastic throughout with hollow, ergonomic handle for lighter, less-plastic-using design. Only 2.56″ x 2.36″ x 5.51″ to travel anywhere.

$5.99 each

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Bottle Service Refillable Glass Spray Bottle

Made from recycled plastic and glass with a silicone base, use this 16oz spray bottle time and again.

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All Natural Multi-Use Castile Soap - Unscented

All-purpose soap in a recyclable bottle. For general cleaning, add 1/4 cup to a quart of water and pour mixture in a spray bottle.

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Beach Clean Heavy Duty Coconut Scour Pads, Set of 3

Made from tough coconut husk and recycled plastic for lasting, tough cleaning power packed with a subtle coconut scent.

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    Recycled Cleaning Cloths, 5 Pack


    • One for each task: bath + tile (with scrubbing stripes!), dusting, glass, grease (for oven cleaning and stovetops), and stainless steel
    • GRS Certified recycled plastic diverts ~6 plastic bottles from landfill
    • Handy hanging loops and labels make them easy to store and use
    • Set of 5
    • 12.01″ x 0.08″ x 12.01″| 30.5cm x 0.2cm x 30.5cm

    Care Instructions: Machine wash cold, tumble dry low. Check care label for more specific instructions.

    Refillable Glass Spray Bottle


    • Wide neck allows for easy filling
    • 16oz Capacity
    • Fill with your favorite cleaning solution or mix your own
    • Silicone boot protects glass
    • 9.84”L x 3.23” W x 3.23”H – 25cm X 8.2cm X 8.2cm

    Care Instructions:

    • Bottle is dishwasher safe
    • Hand wash bamboo
    • Hand wash sprayer

    Lean & Mean Scrub Brush

    Product Details:

    • Tough bristles for tough messes
    • Quick-drying to prevent bacteria build up
    • Comfy shape for easy cleaning
    • Hollow design uses 50% less recycled plastic
    • 2.56″ x 2.36″ x 5.51″ | 6.5cm x 6cm x 14cm

    Care Instructions: Dishwasher Safe: Your dishwasher can help give your Full Circle products a new lease on life. Just put all parts in the top rack for a quick refresher and a solid cleaning.

    Multi-Purpose Castile Soap

    • Hand Soap • Dish Soap • Laundry Detergent • Stain Remover • Shower Soap • Bath Soap • Pet Shampoo • All-Purpose Cleaner •


    • For bathing, add a few cap fulls to your bath tub, or a few drops to your washcloth for a head-to-toe clean. Apply more as needed.
    • For dishes, mix one part castile soap with ten parts water.
    • For laundry, use a 1/4 cup in your machine.
    • For general cleaning, add 1/4 cup castile soap to a quart of water and pour mixture in a spray bottle.
    • For bigger jobs, Green Goo recommends sticking to the one part castile soap to four parts water ratio, and upgrading to a bucket and sponge.

    Castile soap is all-purpose. Feel free to experiment. If you find you need more, use more. If you think a little less will work, do that. If you discover a perfect ratio, let us know!

    *Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, *Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, *Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower)Seed Oil, Potassium Hydroxide†, *Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice, Citric Acid, *Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), *Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Flower Extract.

    †No Sodium or Potassium Hydroxide in finished product.

    Heavy Duty Coconut Scour Pads, 3 Pack

    • Description:
    • Full Circle’s most abrasive scrubber made from Certified Recycled Plastic & Natural Coconut Husk
    • Tackles the caked-on, baked-on, burnt messes on pots + pans and your stovetop!
    • Plant-based | free of Triclosan, and other harsh chemicals
    • 5.5″ x 3.125” x 0.375” | 14cm x 7.9cm x .95cm
    • Care Instructions: Products like this do best with a thorough wash in warm, soapy water. Just let it dry thoroughly before using and you’ll be ready to go.