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Our Philosophies


Every dollar you spend casts a vote for the world you want to live in. The reality is, nothing we do is going to be perfect. But if we each make better choices one step at a time, it adds up to big impacts.

So, leave the legwork to us! Be confident you’re making a better choice for the Earth when you grab expert-recommended gear with one of more or these attributes:

Made in the USA

Shopping sustainable is shopping local. Boost our economy and reduce carbon footprint.

Responsible Brands

Run with the brands going the extra mile, from sustainable "B Corp" status to other major efforts.

Social Impact

Get the warm-and-fuzzies with a give-back element or support of the makers and artisans.

Natural Ingredients

Without a warning label. Avoid the extra chemicals for your body and for Mother Earth.


Save it from getting trashed and help us build consumer demand for recycling.

Circular Design

No landfill gravestones here. Biodegradable or largely recyclable in perpetuity.


For materials and packaging. When recycled, plastic loses quality—not so for glass and metals.


Cheap isn’t cheerful. Long-lasting reusables help avoid single-use items and other waste.


In this ever-changing world, we’re all students of sustainability. That’s why we’ve called in reinforcements to help pick the best products and give you all the details to make your own decisions.

Lise Laurin

Sustainability Lifecycle Assessor

Our assessor of eco-attributes, Lise is Founder & CEO of New England-based consultancy, EarthShift Global. This pioneer woman helps us make informed choices and has been blazing trails in Sustainability Return on Investment (S-ROI) and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) since her early start from Yale University. Favorite place traveled: coast of Maine. Next on the list: Colombia.

Kat Hanover, MD


Our surveyor of all things skincare, Kat helps us prescribe effective, quality products that don’t leech toxins into our environment, or your pores. Kat is finishing her dermatology residence in Indianapolis, IN and holds a BA from Purdue University and MD from Indiana University School of Medicine. Favorite place traveled: Lucerne, Switzerland. Next on the list: Asia.

Jeff Gilbert, DMD


Our patron for your pearly whites, Jeff’s check-ups ensure our products are travel, earth and dental-hygiene-friendly. Currently practicing general dentistry in Indianapolis, IN, the only plaque you’ll find around Jeff are those holding his BS and MS degrees from Purdue University and DMD from University of Louisville. Favorite place traveled: Ghana. Next on the list: South America.