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The Origin Story

Action Through Adventure

Each year, 1.4 billion of us wanderlust warriors are traveling around this globe we call home. That equals great power: to leave less waste, to create and share good habits, to support the cultures and communities we’ve come to experience and, where we can, to leave each place just a little better than we found it.

We’ve put together an awesome collection of gear and great info to help you do just that. One we hope that, just as travel forever changes the lens through which you see the world, might better our actions in all areas of life.

Won’t it be extraordinary when this is the ordinary? Welcome aboard!

Meet Lauren

Our Founder & Reformed Stuff-a-Holic

Lauren carries passport stamps from over 40 countries, several sets of suitcases and nearly a decade of executive leadership in the travel industry. One important day, she realized she needed to lighten the load…

It started with a “Marie Kondo-ing” of her life and awakening to just how much society has taught us to place convenience and consumerism above people and planet. Inspired by her father and a former employer, The Travel Corporation, her passion for sustainability began to take roots: swapping out throw-away products for better choices, consuming less and earning her first Certified Sustainability Practitioner designation.

Then the AHA moment! Why not merge her two great loves: travel and sustainability? Use the life-changing event of travel to spark broader lifestyle changes, as she herself experienced. Voila, Sustainable Travel & Living was born. Her vision is growing it as a community to share ideas and work together to give our world the help it so desperately needs. She hopes you’ll join the crew.

Jennifer Haddad

Retail & Operations

The Leo DiCaprio to our Al Gore, our acting first mate Jennifer comes complete with British accent and an international resume of running retail businesses in UK, Dubai, Canada and USA, amidst wrangling her two kids. Fun fact: she got her early start as a flight attendant. Favorite place traveled: Madrid. Next on the list: Morocco.

Ann Roehrig

Operations & Biz Dev

Ann’s info-oriented brain is focused on learning to live more energy-efficiently and ensuring your order travels efficiently! This LEED Green Associate and TRUE Zero Waste Advisor recently traded in appraisal industry spreadsheets for our rows of retail inventory in a quest to pursue her greener passions. Favorite place traveled: Spain. Next on the list: Croatia.

Christian Richards

Contributor & Advisor

An avid traveler and friend of the store, Christian is always expanding his travel brain, from his ever-upgraded car camping set up to discovering Vloggers and mapping cool trips. So, we decided to put him to work giving us ideas and advice! Favorite place traveled: South African Garden Route Road Trip Next on the list: Great Lakes Region USA Road Trip.

Danielle Gillihan

Research & Content

Danielle’s writing infuses energy to our site like a bank of solar panels on a sunny day. Calling herself a stay-at-home flight attendant turned newly-inspired, eco-friendly mama bear, Danielle adores her family, adores traveling and most importantly, adores traveling with her family! Favorite place traveled: Ireland. Next on the list: Taos, New Mexico.