Beach & Waterside

Calling all the water babies! Help protect those beaches and watersides you love with this special collection of eco-friendly, low-waste and upcycled products. Whether your calling is to swim, scuba, kayak, boat or just beach out (we hear you!), from the pool to the pier to the shores, we’ve got the sunscreen, bottles, bags, towels and more to travel light and soak in it.

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  • View of travel size 3oz 50 SPF reef-safe sunscreen from Sea & Summit

    Natural SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion (3oz)

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  • Plastic-free, SPF 15 lip balm tube from Sea & Summit

    Organic SPF 15 Lip Balm

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  • The Ultralight quick dry towel by Nomadix, shown here in Pinstripes Multi, is made from post consumer recycled materials and is sustainably made.

    Recycled Ultralight Compact Travel Towel

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  • Product display of sustainable Nomadix brand, Mud Cloth pattern, recycled quick drying beach and yoga towel.

    Recycled Quick Drying Beach & Yoga Towel

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  • Open view of Luci Color Solar Powered String lights, violet, for zero waste living and travel

    Luci Color Solar Powered String Lights

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  • View of recycled, foldable camp chair option to build-your-own set

    Build-Your-Own Chair Set (Recycled Fabric)

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  • Male and female lean on outdoor deck lit with solar powered stringed white lights, a sustainable product of Mpowerd brand.

    Luci Solar Powered String Lights

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  • Group at the beach with eco-friendly festival blanket in Sierra Black Brown

    Recycled Festival Blankets

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  • Young boy in sustainable, recycled kids changing poncho towel in Agua Blue

    Recycled Hooded Changing Poncho Towel – Kids (XS)

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  • Baby girl in sustainable recycled rubber kids Parafina Tortuga sunglasses in yellow

    Tortuga Kid’s (Ages 0-2) Recycled Rubber Sunglasses

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  • 3 year old girl in Parafina Delfin recycled rubber sunglasses in green

    Delfin Kid’s (Ages 3-5) Recycled Rubber Sunglasses

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  • Young girl in sustainable Parafina Kids Ballena recycled rubber sunglasses

    Ballena Kid’s (Ages 6-10) Recycled Rubber Sunglasses

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  • Front view of the Parafina ORCA sunglasses in red. These glasses are made from recycled materials and are perfect for kids 10 to 13 years of age.

    Orca Kid’s (Ages 10-13) Recycled Rubber Sunglasses

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  • Product display for two eco friendly Blue Ridge Chairs brand American ash Blue Ridge Atlantic Blue and forest green camping chairs with a Blue Ridge folding side table in themiddle of them pictured outside on the beach.

    Build-Your-Own Seating Set (Hand-Crafted American Ash)

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  • Explore solar powered light and speaker for sustainable travel gear

    Luci Explore Solar Light & Speaker

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  • Camping with the recycled, waterproof Rainbow Everywhere Mat ground cover

    Recycled Everywhere Mat & Ground Cover

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  • Man on beach in sustainable Baja Aqua quick dry Poncho Towel

    Recycled Multi-Use Poncho Towel

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