Goodie Bags 5-Piece Recycled Produce Set


WHY: Food for thought – Americans use 100 billion plastic bags a year, which take 1,000 years to break down in landfill, and now we’re each ingesting microplastics. Choosing to reuse is an easy one!

This set of breathable mesh produce bags is made from GRS Certified recycled plastic AND replaces single-use bags. Their soft, drawstring closure makes them easy to use and carry too. You never leave a party without the Goodie Bag—and now you’ll never leave home without one either.

  • 2 large & 3 medium drawstring bags
  • Tare weight listed for grocery weights

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    • Made from recycled plastic AND replaces single-use bags for double plastic elimination!
    • Tare weight listed so you’re not overcharged
    • Drawstring closure is a cinch
    • 2 Large Bags, 3 Medium Bags
    • Medium Bags 14”L x 18” W” – 35.5cm x 45.7xm
    • Large Bags 12”L x 14” W” – 30.5cm x 35.5cm

    Care Instructions: Machine wash cold. Hang dry.