Bite Relief Soothing Balm


WHY: The thousands of chemicals in our personal care products are largely unregulated in the USA. Choose the natural products that work to be better to your body and the Earth.

Our Founder swears by this seriously soothing Bite Relief Balm. Keep one in your bag on the go to instantly calm any bites and help keep those red bumps away with the delightful, subtle scents of lavender, peppermint and other essential oils. It’s magic!

  • Responsibly sourced, plant-based ingredients
  • Recyclable 0.75oz tin

Pairs well with pocket-size Mosquito Repellent Balms.

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    Soothe and calm the mosquito bite itch

    The Bite Relief Soothing Balm Stick harnesses the natural soothing powers of key ingredients, like andiroba and eucalyptus oil, giving you quick relief and peace of mind.

    All of our ingredients are plant based so you can feel confident about what you’re applying to your skin.

    Active Ingredients:

    Andiroba oil is sourced from a 100% Brazilian company in the Amazon that is committed to protecting and preserving the Rainforest and its indigenous communities through sustainable development.

    Certified Organic Ingredients: Olive Oil, Cocoa Seed Butter, Sunflower Seed Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint Oil, Lavender Oil, Glycerin, and Chamomile

    Customer Review:

    A lifesaver! Review by Joshua W. on 7 Aug 2021
    I believe I got my first introduction to chiggers while walking through some tall grass during a vacation in Missouri. I had about 30 bites around my ankle and it felt like it was on fire! I was considering amputation until my wife produced this little tin of bite balm she keeps in her purse. The itch burning sensation was relieved immediately and lasted even after taking another shower. It saved me for a minute very uncomfortable plane ride home. I highly recommend this product. The small tin is very portable and there is enough for many applications. Awesome.

    Bite Relief Soothing Balm Review by Mary O. on 24 Jun 2021

    I love this product! My reaction to bug bites, especially mosquitoes and gnats result in large welts and swelling for days along with itching. As soon as I realized I had been bitten I used the balm and the results were amazing. Plus the normal itching didn’t occur.