Natural Bottle Cleaning Tablets – 3 Pack



WHY: Clean doesn’t have to be synonymous with chemicals. Ditch those harsh substances for a deeper, more powerful clean by nature’s best.

Studies show our reusable bottles get dirtier than a dog bowl! We’ve found the BEST way to keep them clean on the go – no soap, sink, or scrubbing required! The all-natural Bottle Bright cleaning tablets tackle your toughest containers. Simply add water, drop in a tab, let fizz and sit for 15-20 minutes, rinse and voila.

They’re biodegradable too, which means safe and non-toxic for you and to dump out without harming the environment. Great for travel, camping, hiking and every day usage with water bottles, hydration reservoirs, mugs and more!

*Note, this sampler 3-pack does NOT come with a box.

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    Clean smarter, not harder. When it comes to hydrating equipment, heavy-duty use needs heavy-duty cleaning. Bottle Bright tablets are readily biodegradable and all-natural made to keep all your containers clean and operating at optimum performance.

    • Pack of 3 effervescent tablets
    • Biodegradable, chlorine-free, all-natural and environmentally safe (no contest against other bleach-based cleaners)
    • Certified by The Natural Products Association
    • Works great on: stainless steel, plastic, TPU, glass, porcelain, silicone, metal … the whole kitchen sink (literally!).
    Tip: for hard-to-clean lids and straws, fill a bowl with water and follow the regular cleaning process!

    The 4-1-1 on fizz

    Germs, residue and odors. They aren’t just sneaky, they’re stubborn. And often despite your best efforts, they’re set on sticking around. That’s where the bubbles come in. We’re talking effervescent bubbles that fizz and foam their way right into those hardest-to-reach places, effectively attacking tough stains and odors before being rinsed away. And here’s the best part: Thanks to the power of Bottle Bright’s patented ecolift technology that pulls dirt and grime away from the material it’s intended to clean, the bubbles take the place of scrubbing altogether.