Plastic-Free Volumizing Solid Shampoo



WHY: Solid Shampoo & Conditioner that doesn’t require plastic packaging. Reducing plastic in your bathroom is a great small step towards reducing plastic in your daily life.

Look, no plastic! Just a color-safe volumizing shampoo that gives your hair body and bounce with African dates and Vitamin B5 for better definition. We love these products. It’s time to ditch the plastic and make the switch.

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    Is HiBAR color-safe?
    Yes, all their products are 100% safe for colored or treated hair.

    Is HiBAR natural?
    Yes, they’re using almost entirely plant-based ingredients. They are all about getting rid of nasty chemicals.

    Is HiBAR vegan?
    The Moisturize Bars and Volumizing Bars are totally vegan. But the Clarifying Bars contain a trace amount of honey.

    Is HiBAR gluten-free?
    Yes. Totally gluten-free.

    What does HiBAR smell like?
    HiBar uses a blend of essential oils and other plant based ingredients to give HiBAR a gentle citrus aroma. It’s just enough to give your shower a refreshing feel, but not so strong that it’s going to cling to your hair.

    Do they use palm oil?

    Is HiBAR soap?
    Nope. Soap is pretty bad for your hair. HiBAR is genuine shampoo and conditioner, just like the good stuff you use right now, only with the water removed. Because there’s already water in your shower, right?

    How many washes do I get from one HiBAR?
    It really depends on the length and thickness of your hair, but expect, on average, to get at least as many uses out of one HiBAR as you do from a 16 oz bottle of shampoo or conditioner.

    How do I use HiBAR?
    HiBAR shampoo lathers up really quickly, whether you apply it directly to your wet hair, or if you rub it in your palms and then into your hair. HiBAR conditioner works the same way, but because of its unique solid formulation, it will take a few seconds more to spread through your hair.

    How do I store HiBAR?
    Just the same way you’d store a bar soap in your shower – dry, away from direct water. And they designed HiBAR so it can sit upright, helping it shed any moisture.

    Will HiBAR turn to mush in my shower?
    No, not if you store it correctly, up and away from water.

    How do I travel with HiBAR?
    HiBAR is a great travel-mate. No spill, lightweight, compact, and no hold-ups getting through security. While you can always pack your HiBAR in a hard, protective case, HiBar suggests the best way to bring HiBAR along for the ride is this: 1. pat HiBAR dry before packing. 2. Wrap HiBAR in a face towel. 3. Stow away amongst your clothes. 4. Go!