Upcycled Packing Cubes (3- or 5-Piece Set)

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WHY: Less than 10% of plastics get recycled. Choosing upcycled gear for your travels means packing less waste into our landfills and oceans.

Ready for easy packing? We got you! Get your gear organized with the Ecotex 3- or 5-piece Packing Cube Set, made from recycled water bottles. We tracked down this sustainable set that’s also super well made with extra zippered front pocket, carry handle, and corded double zipper pullers for easy access.

Packing light and compact across clothes and accessories – check. Sorting clean and dirty on the go – this one’s in the bag.

3-Piece Packing Cube Set

The travel accessory guaranteed to fit:
Large | Medium | Small sizes

5-Piece Packing Cube Set

Go big or go home:
Extra-Large | Large | Medium | Medium-Small | Small sizes


    • Pack like a pro when you organize your gear and maximize your space
    • Go the extra mile on organization with the zippered front pocket and easy-grab handle
    • Separate your clean from dirty laundry, types of garments, electronic accessories, etc.
    • Keep clothes in your packing cubes when you unpack at a hotel to keep them clean and ready to pack fast
    • Go green with the light but durable Ecotex fabric, which is made from recycled water bottles
    • Have cubes, will travel – great for big trips, overnighters, the gym, and more!

    3-PIECE SET INCLUDES: Large | Medium | Small sizes

    5-PIECE SET INCLUDES: Extra-Large | Large | Medium | Medium-Small | Small sizes


    • 1 x Extra-Large:         17.5″ x 12.7″ x 3.0″   (45cm x 32cm x 8cm)
    • 1 x Large:                     16.0” x 11.0” x 3.0″   (41cm x 28cm x 8cm)
    • 1 x Medium:                13.8″ x 9.8″ x 3.0″      (35cm x 25cm x 8cm)
    • 1 x : Medium-Small :   12.5” x 8.5” x 3.0”      (32cm x 22cm x 8cm)
    • 1 x Small :                    11.0” x 6.7” x 3.0”     (28cm x 17cm x 8cm)