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COVID-19: Grab This Gear, Stay Informed Here

Clean Hands Kit variety with hand sanitizer

Social functions are grinding to a halt, toilet paper and sanitizer is the new gold, we’re moving to an even-more-virtual world… COVID-19 is serious business and it’s expected we’ll have a ways to go until we understand how it will unfold. As this escalates, we encourage everyone to join us in some self-isolation and social distancing as our hospital systems only have so much capacity.

“Social distancing is not quarantine. It is what you can do to help stop this pandemic. As a healthcare worker on the front lines of this, I can tell you it would be easy for us to run out of resources,” says our local expert, Dr. R. Grace Greist, MD FACP of Ascension St. Vincent Indianapolis. “Right now, across the country, hospitals are counting how many ICU beds they have left, how many negative pressure rooms, how many masks, how many gowns. No need to panic, but please do your part.”

Here’s why this is important:

Source: UofM Health Blog

Seems to be changing by the minute, how should I stay informed?

Information is changing rapidly, so keep checking the Center for Disease Control (CDC) website for the most up to date information:

The federal government is also restricting travel, so stay on top of the latest here:

If I might have been exposed or I’m feeling sick, what should I do?

Dr. Greist advises the following noting, “There is a new test that should be available this week, but most offices don’t have access or ability to do the test. Most health systems are using a centralized testing center or drive through. So use your doctors’ telehealth or virtual options first. We can’t test you and we don’t have treatment, so please don’t come in and risk exposing everyone there.”

  1. If you are exposed to COVID-19 and do not have symptoms, call your physician or local health department for testing centers and be prepared to self-quarantine.
  2. Patients that have had the following should also CALL the doctor’s office for best advice:
    1. Fever, cough or shortness of breath AND/OR
    2. International travel (especially to China, Japan, South Korea, Iran or Italy)
  3. COVID is global and any travel raises your risk. Advise doctors about any travel including domestic travel within the US.
  4. Patients who are severely ill (short of breath or high fevers) should go to the ER; but call ahead to let them know of possible Coronavirus exposure so they are prepared to isolate you from others.
  5. If you are asked to quarantine, PLEASE do so. If we all do this right, there will be someone at the hospital to take care of you.

I’ve helped clear out the local grocery, what else should I grab?

Clean hand wash & sanitizer kits: We know hand sanitizer is in short supply. We’ve got limited quantities left, bundled with soap to take on the go in our various Clean Hands Kits.

BACK FOR PRE-ORDER! Air-filtration BioScarf & BioGater: They’re asking we leave the masks for the healthcare professionals if we’re healthy, but grab our BioScarves and Gaters (coming in a week or two!) which in tests filtered out ~99.75% of all airborne particulates. They also donate scarves to people at risk of illness from air pollution.

Keep your hands off public silverware: Don’t leave the utensils you put in your mouth to anyone but you to clean right now and have your own options on hand.

Filter your water & keep bottles clean: The food-grade stainless steel water bottle with removable straw and filter removes 99.99% of harmful contaminants. Drop, fizz and clean with all-natural bottle bright cleaning tabs.

Don’t touch what you don’t have to… wash up & wipe down! Use our hand towels to cover surfaces you keep you hands on and clean your cell phone with hand sanitizer, then wash up with concentrated detergent.

In closing: the 20-second rule, how to keep those hands clean!

As Dr. Greist reiterates the best thing we can do is regularly wash your hands for at least 20 seconds and avoid touching your face. The CDC also says to clean and disinfect frequently touched objects (ahem, that cell phone!) and surfaces.

We thank our friends at KindLather Paper Soaps (see kits above!) for this diagram for the best way to wash your hands.  

Be safe out there wanderlust warriors! And show some extra love to your friends in the travel industry.