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Spring Break Travel Packing Hacks

This shows someone standing looking off into the sunset with a suitcase in tow. It's used for the Sustainable Spring Break Packing Hacks blog.

Are you thinking ahead to spring? Maybe starting to think about a spring break trip? Packing can sometimes be a daunting task. Below, you’ll find a few ways you can potentially lighten your load and travel more sustainably. 

One of the first questions most people ask when it’s time to start packing: “What should I bring?” Making a packing list or laying out clothes in advance always helps me.

If you’ve traveled before, you likely already know the basics about checking the weather at your destination, pack for your activities, pack clothing that can be mixed and matched so you can bring fewer outfits, pack layers, and bring comfortable walking shoes. This is a generic image of a suitcase filled with clothes for part of the Sustainable Spring Break Travel Packing Hacks blog.



But how can you do all of this while still packing light and staying eco-friendly?

First, I want to mention our Packing Hacks Set. This will set you up nicely to stay organized and produce zero-waste during your trip.

Here’s why it’s great.

Packing Cubes This is a 5 piece set of Heys Luggage packing cubes, shown in turquoise in different sizes ranging from small to extra large. These sustainably minded organizational cubes are made from fabric made from recycled plastic water bottles.

It includes a set of 3 recycled packing cubes. Packing cubes can help keep outfits organized or family members’ clothing separated. The cubes can go right into hotel drawers too, giving your clothes a clean surface. Plus, this can help you separate clean and dirty clothes while you travel. You might find packing cubes help you bring fewer items too — since you’re limited to the space within each cube. One tip on how to fit more clothing into small spaces: roll instead of fold! This can also help avoid wrinkles. 

Toiletry KitsEco-friendly TSA 3-1-1 toiletry container set for personal care products

The Packing Hacks Set also includes our toiletry kits with aluminum bottles and recycled jars. Why is this important? People trash millions of pounds of travel-sized toiletries each year. Did you know the hospitality industry generates 440 billion pounds of solid waste every year? A “great amount” of that comes from soap and bottled amenities that aren’t getting recycled. If you bring your own reusable jars you can help the planet and stay more eco-friendly. 

Soap Bag

We mentioned soap as one of the sources of all of that waste each year. We’ve got you covered there too! The Packing Hacks Set also has a dry-through flat-pack soap bag. So, you can bring your own bar of soap and not worry about being wasteful. 

OK, now that we’ve covered the essentials for packing in a way that will produce zero-waste in the hotel room while keeping your clothes organized, we can’t forget some must-haves. 

Sun & Bug Protection 

Sun & Bug Protection! Most sunscreens and bug repellants contain chemicals that are damaging to coral reefs, marine life and waterways. We have some natural, non-toxic, yet effective options that will still keep your skin safe while protecting the environment.

Travel & Lunch BagsEco friendly reusable zip top lunch bag set in gold geo design

Can’t forget the snacks! Especially if you have kiddos. Check out our Reusable Travel & Lunch Bag Sets. Why? We toss over 1 TRILLION plastic bags a year that take 1,000 years to fully biodegrade. With these bags, you can wash and reuse and create zero-waste. Plus, it’s not just for food! These can be great travel organizers for some of your smaller belongings too.

Solar Light, Speaker, Charging BankExplore solar powered light and speaker for sustainable travel gear

In this era of technology, this next one might be of the most interest to some travelers. Check out our Luci Explore Solar Light & Speaker. It’s a solar-powered light, speaker and charging bank. Yep, that’s right, all three in one! And it’s small too, so you can throw it in your bag and take it everywhere. 


Depending on how long your trip is, you might need to do some laundry along the way. Look no further than our Laundry Detergent Sheet Travel Pack. Not only do these sheets make laundry a breeze, but they contain no harsh chemicals and they help eliminate the 1 BILLION plastic laundry jugs polluting our planet every year. Plus, they won Better Homes & Gardens Best Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent in 2021. 

Money & Passport Organizer This money belt by Eagle Creek is made from natural silk; shown here in black. An earth-friendly travel solution that will keep your belongings safe!

If you need an easy way to organize your extra cash or your passport — check out our Natural Silk Undercover Money Belt. Silk is a biodegradable fiber and this belt can fit under your clothes, keeping some of your most valuable things out of sight while still being convenient for you to access. If you’d prefer something with a strap, we also have the Natural Silk Undercover Neck Wallet. These can be great for helping you stay organized in the airport or on an excursion. 

Research Local Culture 

As you’re making your way through your packing list — don’t forget to research local culture too. That can help ensure you pack appropriate clothing and respect local customs. 

Have Fun! This is a picture of someone taking a picture. It's used to describe the "have fun and make memories" section of the Sustainable Spring Break Travel Packing Hacks blog

Once the packing is done, the most important thing is to ENJOY YOURSELF! Relax, take lots of pictures, and make unforgettable memories. 

I know that was a long list, but I promise, once you have these handy, zero-waste packing essentials, it will be easy!

These are just a few ways to be a more sustainable traveler, for more, read our blog 8 Simple Steps to Sustainable Travel.