Mosquito Repellent Tea Light Candles – 12 pk


WHY: DEET and other chemical ingredients are absorbed quickly by our skin while breaking down slowly in our soil, with the potential to contaminate groundwater. Where it makes sense, let’s choose what’s naturally better for us and the Earth.

From patios to picnics, add some ambiance while keeping bugs away with these best-selling natural tea light candles. These DEET-free natural soy and beeswax candles are USA-made and ready to burn with the subtle smells of citronella and peppermint for up to 4 hours. Comes in a pack of 12 candles.

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    Clean effective formula. Packed with 4 hours of protection each.

    The Mosquito Repellent Tea Light candles contain 5% plant-based repellent oil content including citronella and peppermint oil. Light them up and enjoy a bite-free environment for up to 4 hours!

    Candles are made in the USA from 100% natural soy and beeswax, arrive in a recyclable cup, and are free of petroleum, dyes and synthetic fragrance.

    Each package contains 12 tea light candles.

    Active ingredients:

    Repellent Oil Content: 5%

    • Rosemary (2.25%)
    • Peppermint (1.0%)
    • Lemongrass (0.5%)
    • Cedarwood (0.5%)
    • Citronella (0.75%)

    Inert Ingredients (95%): Hydrogenated Soybean, Beeswax

    Customer Review:

    Great little candles!

    Review by Christina C. on 9 Apr 2021

    Convenient candles to bring along picnic, camping or traveling. Each lasted a long time too!

    How to Recycle:

    Once you’ve used it up, time to recycle! Throw away the wick and clean the tin of wax residue and toss the cup into the recycling bin. Tea Light Candle cups are plastic #7 – recyclability varies by location and we recommend checking with your local municipality for recycling information.