Plastic-Free Stainless Steel Flagship Butterfly Razor



WHY: The EPA once estimated 2 billion disposable razors and refill blades get trashed in the U.S. each year. Let’s go back to basics and ‘shave the world from plastic’ – AND save your wallet from unnecessary costs!

Go green and save green in your plastic-free shave routine with this all-purpose metal safety razor. Simply twist to open the butterfly top to change the double-edge blades, which give the closest possible shave while being gentle to the skin and economical to use.

This razor is not just beautiful, it performs flawlessly (and only takes a little practice, we promise) and will last a long time. It’s slightly heavier than basic razors for added durability and a better shave, but small enough to pack and travel anywhere.  (Stock up on a box of extra replacement blades here.)

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    Key Highlights:

    • For both MEN AND WOMEN & all shaving needs
    • Over-built components for durability
    • High-polished finish to protect from corrosion
    • Quality Happiness Guaranteed
    • Zero Plastic Waste and Blade Take Back Program
    • Comes with 10 free blades, Blade Take Back collection envelope, and hemp razor bag
    • ~3.5″ in length

    Albatross Blade Take Back Info

    Albatross razor sets come with 10 free blades and an envelope you can use to collect your used blades in. The used blades can then be sent back to them or dropped off at a participating Blade Take Back Program site. The company asks that you put a maximum of four blade packs (40 Blades) in each envelope. If you order multiple blade packs, they will include 1 Take Back Envelope for every 4 blade packs in your order.

    The Albatross Blade Take Back Program was the world’s first shaving Take Back program and represents years of hard work to create a totally closed loop production cycle. Albatross aims to make new (non-razor) products with the Take Back metal that have other direct environmental benefits; they don’t just recycle, they upcycle!

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