Reusable TSA-Friendly Travel Container Set


WHY: A “great amount” of the 440 billion pounds of solid waste the hospitality industry generates every year is soap and bottled amenities that aren’t getting recycled.

Travel light by skipping the wasteful mini products and carrying your own 9-piece set with these durable, super-lightweight aluminum and recycled-plastic containers instead. Choose better than those cheap plastic kit options that just get trashed fast and breeze through TSA with these quality, carry-on-friendly sizes and clear 3-1-1 bag.


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    This kit contains:

    3 x 2.7oz (80ml) aluminum screw top bottles

    2 x 1/2 oz recycled plastic black jars

    1 x 1oz recycled plastic black jar

    1 x 2oz recycled plastic black jar

    1 x stainless steel pill tin

    1 x TPU, PVC-free clear 1-quart reusable “3-1-1 travel sac” with water-resistant zipper

    Please note: all containers are sold empty and can be filled with your favorite products, rinsed and filled again and labeled as you wish.

    Meets the TSA 3-1-1 restrictions for liquids, gels and aerosols packed in a carry-on:

    • 3.4 ounces or less per container
    • 1 quart size, clear, plastic, zip top bag (all liquids must fit in bag)
    • 1 bag per passenger

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