Keep It Clean

In response to the current world health situation, we have put together our top natural, but still effective cleaning products for hands, home and everything in between. Keep it clean and keep it green.

Read more on where to stay informed, our latest local doctor tips and how to use the gear (click here). 

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  • Soap by Fire Lake Soapery is shaped like crayons and sitting on composition paper; it is all natural and comes in a variety of colors.

    Kids All-Natural Crayon Soap

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  • Go Girl Pink with packaging

    Go Girl Female Urination Device

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  • Mizu brand wide mouth stainless steel water bottle in matte black; comes with reusable straw and water purifier

    Single Wall Stainless Steel 30 oz Bottle with Straw & Everyday Purifier – Black

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  • Mizu brand 360 water filter has a forty gallon lifespan and removes up to 99.9% of bacteria and contaminants; for use with wide mouth Mizu bottles with straw lid

    360 Everyday Water Filter – Mizu Bottles

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  • An eco-friendly Mizu stainless steel bottle with Adventure purifier and straw.

    Single Wall Stainless Steel 30 oz Bottle with Straw & Adventure Purifier – Stainless

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  • Mizu brand 360 adventure water purifier has a forty gallon lifespan and removes up to 99.9% of bacteria and contaminants; for use with wide mouth Mizu bottles with straw lid

    360 Adventure Water Purifier – Mizu Bottles

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  • Natural Bottle Bright Cleaning Tablets for water bottles in camping, hiking and travel

    Natural Bottle Cleaning Tablets – 12 Pack

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  • This carabiner also has a flat screwdriver, bottle opener, and stylus tip.

    The No-Touch Carabiner Tool

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  • Product display of sustainably made Nomadix brand, Southwest White pattern, recycled hand and gym towel spread out horizontally.

    Recycled Hand & Gym Towel

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  • This travel kit includes Marley's Monster brand organic cotton facial rounds, a cotton and bamboo wash cloth, and a mesh laundry bag

    Organic No-Waste Face Washing Travel Kit

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  • All Good Organic Peppermint Hand Sanitizer comes in a 2 fl oz travel size bottle with spray applicator.

    All Good Organic Hand Sanitizer in Peppermint – 2oz

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  • A solid block of earth friendly dish soap made in small batches and hand cut.

    Solid Dish Soap

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  • Up-close photo of the all-natural camp soap by Fire Lake Soapery with camping scene imprinted into the soap.

    All Natural Camping Body Soap

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  • Plant based natural skincare Captain Blankenship sea mineral liquid soap in 2 ounce travel bottle

    Organic Grapefruit & Palmarosa Sea Mineral Liquid Soap – 2oz

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  • Green Goo Castille Soap Unscented Bottle

    All Natural Multi-Use Castile Soap – Unscented

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  • Juniperseed Mercantile brand natural hand cut soap for pre-treating stains before regular laundering; great for hand-washing clothes while traveling

    Biodegradable Laundry Stain Stick 1-2oz

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  • Dropps brand eco friendly mini unscented plant-based laundry pods next to Dropps labeled box.

    Mini Unscented Plant-Based Laundry Pods – 50pk

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  • A six pack of Marley's Monsters brand organic cotton towels in white; made from absorbent fabric and a great long term replacement for paper towels

    Organic Cotton Unpaper Towels – White 6 Pk

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  • Overhead view of eco friendly reusable U-Konserve brand bamboo wooden spork utensil.

    Bamboo Wooden Spork Utensil 

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  • Folded eco friendly, recycled black Bioscarf instead of a face mask

    All-Weather Air Filtration Bioscarf – Black

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Showing 1–20 of 31 results