All-Weather Air Filtration Bioscarf – Black



WHY: We can’t cover up the truth: 92% of the global population live in places with unhealthy air quality and it’s time to take extra protection. 

Your versatile alternative to the face mask. Whether out and about right now or for any future travels, protect yourself with the Bioscarf. Its unique end-to-end G95 Filtration Technology can help fight air pollution, allergy and air-borne illness. Bonus: This all-weather material is also made of recycled polyester!


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    Because of the potential for cross contamination with Bioscarf products, we do not accept returns.

    The new and improved Bioscarf V2 features that signature style and functionality with reinforced construction, upgraded fabric, new branding, and G95 Filtration Technology.  Designed to look, feel and function like a normal scarf, the Bioscarf gives you comfort and protection wherever and whenever you need it and is now made in the USA!

    G95 Filtration Technology the full length and width of the scarf.

    G95 Filtration Technology can help protect you from many of the bacteria and viruses that cause colds and flu. It can protect you from smog, smoke, pollen, pet dander and dust.

    Size: 74″ x 9″

    Material: 100% RECYCLED Polyester

    In tests the Bioscarf filtered out an average of 99.75% of all airborne particulates. That means it can help protect you and your family from pneumonia, strep, influenza, tuberculosis, pm2.5, pet dander, pollen, smoke and many other airborne contaminants that not only cause allergies but can also be harmful to your health.

    If you are concerned about air quality and air pollution and want to make sure that you and your family are protected, the Bioscarf is the one of the first functional and fashionable air filtration garments to hit the market and a great alternative to an allergy mask or air pollution masks.

    Every year, millions of people die from air pollution-related illnesses. For every scarf purchased, a Bioscarf is donated to people at risk without the resources to protect themselves.